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Ten Degrees Plus

Sprout Arts

11 February, 2020



Ten Degrees Plus was a collective Fine art exhibition in the heart of Furzedown, where Sprout Arts Gallery hosted the latest artworks of ten artists who work across different media, such as painting, sculpture, and photography, with an individual respond to themes that engage, provoke, and defy the contemporary thought of our society.

A multi-national group of 10 artists have created a multi-media show for  Sprout.  'We are part of the final cohort of the prestigious MFA (Masters in Fine Art) course at Wimbledon College of Art, University of the Arts London.  In a time of rising temperatures across the world we have had the privilege of connecting with each other across the planet.'

                                                                                                                Fiona Adamson /Curator/  

As a voluntarily run organisation, Spout Arts  has proved susutainability throuh the years and deserves sincere admirations about its active functioning. Ten degrees plus was an exciting opportunity to get together in a relatively small group, but to prove our collaboration skills,  and to engage with the Sprout Arts community, which was extremely welcoming and supportive. 

I shared responsibility about the publicity process together with the artist Kai Wang and initiated a workshop during the following week of the show. I worked on the promotional materials design, liaising on everything with Kai, and he created all the social media presentation of the show.  The design was collectively discussed and confirmed with the team as well. South as a clear, 'catchy' massage it was concluded in a minimalistic style with simple but significant signs  and emphasis on the title and the information. More important as an experience I find the group meetings and discussions, the strategies discussed, the agreement, and fair distribution of responsibilities.

The intimate atmosphere of the space was quiet and comforting, but at the same time an interesting challenge for a collective show to be curated. However, as a collective of people who maintain already not only professional, but also friendly relationships the whole process was smooth and consistant. The Private View hosted close circle of friends and colleagues, as well as guest from the local community and Sprout Art's followers, and the environment soon arised in a festive and cheerful mood, discussions of the artworks, and professioanal advises exchange. The workshop I organizes and led invited children and adults to take part in a Portrait drawing session.  It turned into a  collective Art experience between the inspired visitors - families, friends, strangers, who were drawing each other and I was thrilled amazed how enthusiastic and talented they were. After certain embarrassment disappeared, they were completely engaged with the task and excited to try new techniques and materials after my demonstration. 

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