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Hide and seek

Hide and seek is captivating with its playful mysterious scene, which evokes an ambiguous perception of presence, the idea of blurred identity, and the riddle of secrecy.  This, otherwise theatrical, ‘mis-an-scene’ lacks narrative, the continuity of its gestural manifestation reflects more on a natural response off momentous whims. But exactly those whims are usually inherent for one‘s distinctive personality, and more genuine in terms of his/her own self-acknowledgment.

The character of the performer is represented by her shadow – simulation,  which is always part of one’s physical appearance and at the same time a person, in a state of being hidden ‘behind the shadows’ is often likely to behave in an unusual, honest, but sometimes shameful or unacceptable way. Is this ‘shadow – twin’ the one we are confronting with? The one we are trying to disguise?  Or our ‘shell’ of comfort and liberation?

As the performer switches between slow and quick movement, repetitive and sudden transitions, an alternation between different moods, the speechless conversation with herself adds humoristic tone, but the vague interaction with the heaping arms opens another layer of cognitive depth.

The cluster of arms is a symbol of the outer world which always tries to „swallow“ the individual into its flow of imitative patterns. However, in this Hide and Seek reality, the figure, even though in continuous interaction with those grasping, rapacious arms, remains somehow isolated and lonely.


Trisha Brown

Trisha Brow's 'avant-garde and postmodernist work explores and experiments in pure movement, with and without the accompaniments of music and traditional theatrical space. '

Brown was a great inspiration to me, especially in the beginning of my 'journey' into Performance Art practice when I experimented with movement and attempts to implement dance and choreography within the context of Fine Art performance.  Hide and seek is partially inspired by her performances with experimental movement improvisation. They are  innovative, authentic, involve unconventional dance movements and dense energy, both physical and expressive, something I am working on  to develop in my future performance practice. According to the use of space and the purpose, my work is similarly oscillating between theatricality, pure movement, and lately - surreal narratives.

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