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Hollow Chambers

The Crypt Gallery

5 -8 March, 2019

Based on the theme of Caves in their different implementations and interpretations, Hollow Chambers was a collective exhubition across the colleges of the UAL. The theme was really engaging and the team that organized the show cooperated really professionally.

The works selected trough an application panel varied between different media - installation, painting, drawing, sound, and performance.  I wa impressed with the systematic work and process of the curation team - artists mainly form the MA Fine Art at CSM who had chosen carefully each work in response to the theme, had prepared a great promo campaign, and a Private view. The participants took part in the installation process, but the curators had decided in advance the exact position of the work and confidently directed the process. This is a challenging task in an unconventional space as the Crypt. I can say, as I have similar experience as part of the curation team  of the Immurement show at the Crypt gallery we had. 


The work I applied with was the Performance Impasse, which, including a large Cage-installation that was impossible to fit in the intimate corners of the Crypt,  was approved to take part as a Video-Installation. That was  a challenge to film and edit for the first time, and gave me the chance to attain digital skills I needed and used constantly from then on to document my performances and continued working with video for projects with certain requirements.

I had a little confrontation during the installation, because my work included sound, which another artist found too laud and disrupting for the environment of his work exhibited nearby. Nevertheless, I was glad I experienced that as well, since it tought me to be more aware of the needs and expectations of other participant, at the same time to stand behind my position when I have evidences that I have the right. A collective or collaborative work does not easily go without ant disturbances and I find it helpful to be prepared from an early stage for the future.

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