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Interaction is a performance in which two people in motion take part. The interplay is  shown as a consistently repetitive scene which shows  actually lack of interaction, followed by developing of curiosity, and finally leading to  physical contact. Those are alternative phases of two person's /or more/ presence effect. But there is something more intriguing when they are just two. This relation could be modified in different patterns. The performance  investigates  this signals in the different type of relations between the Self and another figure, which presence inevitably disrupt  the perception of an individual beeng alone in the world. Interaction and influence always exist when there is energy, intuition, even defence of the personal space. With its quietness and smoothness of the atmospheric features,  in synchron with the tranquillity of the natural surroundings, the performance also immerse the viewer into more comprehensive notion of the unperceptible within the other's thoughts and behaviour/ 


Relation in Space

Marina Abramovic and Ulay

In relation in space, two figures repetedly run and collide into each other - mixing male and female energy  into a third element called 'The Self'. I  am an advocate of the idea that sometimes so much could be said with so little language and  means.  In this work, the energy of the bodies is strong enough to enclose and reveal a whole universe of existential utopias. The repetition of the act fills the air with more and more pressure. The physical strength and the vulnerability of the naked body meets  in the touch of the of the male and female. Similar idea is approached in my work interaction, but in a delicate and intimate way, where the flow of this energy is given and accepted  in an equal harmony , through the walk, the sight,  the breath, the synchronization  


Marina Abramovic 

The Lovers

The performance The Lovers of Marina Abramovic and Ulay is also a reference to my work Interaction. Walking over the Great Chinese Wall is an emotional, challenging, and durational experience, which  I observe also as a pilgrimage - a physical and inner journey  that a person could make to meet or separate from another one, to make on his own, or collectively, but in any case it is purifying,  something like a crossline between past and future, and a spring  of self-knowledge and examination,

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