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Quarantine - Working process

Video, photo, and sketches

The great challenge in Quarantine was Time. The deadline was strict and short. Willow is often used for baskets and the pliability of the branches depends on water. The 'stiks' must soak in a water for at least 5 days. I had neither suitable space an vessel to soak them nor time to wait. Therefore, with half wet, half dry willow branches I started the construction on the fifth day and had to complete in  extremely short time. I count it as a great achievement since I did not have any similar experience before that. I didn't use any construction to achieve the spherical shape and I believe relying on past experience in sculpture and imagination was the formula for a quick success. Nevertheless, the process was difficult - to bend, connect, stabilize, and enforce each stick was physically tough and harmful, a process of creation full of a lot of endurance as well, as in many of my Performances which are as if created to be done only once. However, it was also inspiring and exciting to test the speed of the process and to see how an installation, an artwork drawn completely from the imagination can evolve and materialize. 

2.Digital simulation.jpg
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