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Enslaved in the fragile facet of his mortality, human being manifests himself in utilized by the realms of spirit and matter life recurrences, bearing the heritage of sorrow and faith, violence and humility, loss and creation, conquest and sacrifice. I am constantly pursuing to encrypt in a delicate and intimate manner such grand concepts in my work and to unveil the implicit ‘lands’, where the 'possible flight', mythological metaphors, and denied fantasies of the characters are sealed by the collective memory. The rational axis of human’s mutable nature, nevertheless,  glorifies the conventional norms of virtue and wisdom,  and confronts instinct, will, and desire in a moral conflict. The inherent duality turns into a struggle, in which human rises...or falls and his greatness and decadence are mediated in the visible world through the Body.

In my Painting and Performance practice, scenes and fragments, often theatrical, are saturated with the presence of a female – a subject and a medium which harmonizes with the cycle of life and nature. The female conquers the space or disappears, summoned to a fluid pilgrimage, where desire prevails in movement,  confinement constraints or defends, stillness erupts in tension,  vain falls into seduction. The passage is full of voyeurs –  curious, embarrassed, reluctant to leave the ‘stage’ where she undresses to confess vulnerability, captures the wind with courage, washes the shame under a cold rain, cuts her hair ruthlessly, and question the justice in silence. ‘Rites’, in which with intrinsic sensitivity,  judgment, and resilience the female embodies multilateral prism through which the fundament of Man’s transgression is being assessed. 

As a reflection, the Body encompasses the visceral principle of passion which clashes with the suffocating grasp of restraint and ‘wails’ in fervent endurance.

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