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I felt...and I saw

Video-Performance with Sound/voice-over/


This performative video artwork attempts to communicate an abstract narrative about limitation and choice. And this is a choice between acceptance and personal will. It is an appeal from the individual, relying on sensitivity and attention rather than assimilated ideas and adopted manners, to escape the boundaries of the destined circumstances. It questions those boundaries of humility against the ability to redirect the benefits of events he/she was devoid of.  The human mind is capable of transforming the subjective reality  into a ‘scene’ of illusions and thus making it less hostile, often more genuine, and healing.

The performance is structured around a contrast between the poetic dream-like, ethereal motion, which illustrates this innate state of doubt, faintness but persistence in the character, and her ‘double-self’, almost rigid, eager to follow rules.

The choice of the urban environment as a set enables a perception of reality, the idea of which reinforces an appearance of imaginative within the limiting matters of this reality, to be created.  Simultaneously, the image of the bridge in the scene reflects the notion of passage – one that could be both a link and a hurdle.

The bridge’s features – ‘height’, ‘above’, ‘narrow‘, ‘overview‘, ‘no beginning’, ‘no end’, serve metaphorically and help the implied meaning be materialized.

Martha Graham


Lamentation is certainly not the piece of Graham I drew inspiration for the artwork, but she has a great influence in my movement investigations. The technique she invents is revolutionary and it is partly the style in which I have been trained  as a dancer in the past. It is characterised with strong emotional expression, narrative in the gestures, contractions, unconventional posture and movement of each part of the body. Graceful and dramatic at the same time. Graham's dance performances  as well are theatrical and often she design the sets and costumes herself. Simple and quickly executed, with incomparable authenticity, some of them pioneers unique and original approaches on the stage of all times.

I felt and I saw.jpg

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